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Complex Mind

Who I am?

Who we are?

Where I’m from?

Do we have a soul?


Things that are unknown

Inundate myself

Strange sensations

Are part of me now

I feel the end is near

And you’re coming with me

Immerse our minds on a state without fear


No longer mine… My goal

Was to find out – Far beyond my control

Segments of my life, that

I can’t recognize

Became the obsession

That keeps me alive!!!

Your paradise… my hell

Prelude to death

Is what I can smell


Is there something I need to know?

Something that will save my soul!!!

Frustration will erase it all

… And I will be gone!!!


“Complex mind – Force – Blinded my soul”


I, I own all your sensations

Ecstasy sets me free

The excitement will stand forever

Hypnotized by my words …

Paranoia will eat me alive

Deadly terror… I cannot forget

Morbid thoughts come to my mind

My purpose has reached an end.