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Faceless Dream

“Awaking without knowing my way

living in a shapeless space”


“Falling away from myself

losing control once again”


So hard to breath within this shell

seems like I cant feel the same - weird sensations drag me down

"Rest in Peace" is what I heard from a voice that kills my soul

shaking all my buried flesh - turning this into a ghost

never turn my back on you - before I cant move no more


I might see the light soon - This is a Faceless Dream

Fear my urge for control - This is a Faceless Dream

- AWAKING - looking to meet you with rage - This is a Faceless Dream

- FADING - my skin collides holding my death - This is my Faceless Dream


Am I ready to survive?

Exit this path full of flames?

To spread all the poison away?

Deadly trails keep surrounding my space!