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- This is a chapter of fucking hatred -

Turning the same page again

living on this world of lies

feeling like nothing is right

everything seems to be a fight

crushing my good will

To kill my rights

facing disorders

to watch them cry

assaulting mankind

to clean your land

a failure of epic results

- Take my hand – Face your pain –

Don’t let your fear drive you apart from this empty hole

To die or survive

renew what’s not right

fill my flesh with so much control in order

to fight this fucking nightmare

-- Downfall --

Building a new race – To show you my heart

Spreading my torment – Condemned you for life

Hopeless solution – To fade my own swarm

Slow executions – To clean this raw path

We are back – follow me and leave behind all your cries

certains things are nothing less than hidden lies

followers are nothing less than weak – lost men

great to see you broke the chains


Bring some light – In my life

Cure me and take me – To unknown places

Emerging and walking through virgin new lands

This is my place and Armageddon