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Sight of Emptiness - TRANSITION by Sight of Emptiness


“Transition”. It’s a killer song — one that rolls like a blast-wave of explosive detonation from start to finish, one that hits that sweet spot where the flash of cathertic high-energy intersects with shimmering melodies. It also reflects positive growth and evolution in the band’s sound.

So, “Transition”: This fast-paced song displays a step-up in technicality, with sharp, jabbing riffs reminiscent of Decapitated and weapon-like rhythm bursts, yet those ingredients are coupled with swirling melodic guitar solo’s that turn the song into something even more dynamic. “Transition” also includes some cool (though brief) bass solo’s, which are always welcome around here, and there’s a real headbanger of a finish. Vocalist Eduardo Chacón also sounds naaastyNOCLEANSINGING