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Wall of Pain

I can’t stand your pain - no more (X3)

I can’t stand your… pain!


Soon, my life will collapse

Piece by piece, like a glass

- Indeed -

Changing this cycle, chaos arrives


Blameless once again

My desire to be there

- Waiting -

For you to learn how silence it’s void


Clear the path… is set

You demand for a place

- Mankind –

Isn’t ready for what will become


Faithless wounds will fade

Suddenly you decay

- Falling –

Into an abyss of deathless souls


Claiming to have a place… inside

Trying to conquer my… style

Fighting for things… that, you won’t have

Judge me and face the pain motherfucker!


Wall of pain (X4)


Ahhhh, this is the end of your path

Nothing will keep you alive

Slowly the pain will arise

And you will be mine…


- Wall of pain -


Ahhhh, a portrait of cruelty and blood

Confused by the voices of war

Visions of hate and remorse

Will force you to quit once for all